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Stories and Examples Reduce Public Speaking Fear
Stories and Examples Reduce Public Speaking Fear presentation skills

Stories and Examples Reduce Public Speaking Fear The fastest and easiest way to eliminate public speaking fear is to insert more examples and stories into your formal presentations or PowerPoint Slideshows. When participants in public speaking classes are first introduced to this technique, many of them will often resist the advice thinking, “My presentations are […]

Public Speaking Fear-The Quick and Easy Way to Fearless Presentations
Public Speaking Fear-The Quick and Easy Way to Fearless Presentations presentation skills

The fear of public speaking is still one of the biggest and most debilitating fears. Public speaking fear causes competent professionals to miss out on fantastic opportunities to persuade and win people to their way of thinking. So where does this fear come from? Better yet… How does the average person get rid of it? […]

In Person Seminars Build Self-Confidence
Presentation Skills Classes can Build Self-Confidence presentation skills

Public Speaking Confidence is Seen by Others as Competence Public speaking skills or presentation skills will often lead to greater esteem from coworkers and peers, so when up-and-coming leaders and managers focus on building self-confidence in public speaking, that same confidence often spills over into other areas as well. When a person speaks with poise…

Dump the Data and Tell Me a Story
Dump The Data and Tell Me A Story presentation skills

Fearless-what every presenter wants to be.  Overcoming public speaking jitters is often as simple as dumping the data, and telling stories.  Stacking your brain with statistics, or dumping them onto a slide guarantees one thing – your audience will disconnect.  However, when a speaker turns boring statistics into real-life stories he or she makes the…

Get a Presentation Coach to Help You Reduce Nervousness
Go Behind The Scenes With A Veteran Presentation Coach presentation skills

It looks so easy! Just put on a mic, talk to the camera, walk around, sit down, do a couple of interviews, be smart, funny, serious, relate to the viewer, and get more out of your guest than anyone ever has. Above all else, do not sweat. No one likes shine on TV…and try, try…

PowerPoint Tips
Power Point Tips presentation skills

The most frequently asked topic that we get questions on when we conduct public speaking training is always related to PowerPoint Tips. Because PowerPoint is so powerful, people tend to either get really good at all of the bells and whistles and overwhelm their audience, or they use PowerPoint as a crutch and rely on their slide deck too much making their presentation very boring. Below are the top 10 biggest Power Point Mistakes that we tend to make along with ways to overcome them.