Quest Trust Private Presentation Class in Houston, Texas

Doug Staneart  |  11/08/21
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Quest Trust Private Presentation Class in Houston, Texas Sometimes when I teach private public speaking class, I feel really good about the changes that we can make in such a short time. Quest Trust had me come in to teach a custom presentation class in Houston, TX. And I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am of the results.

To understand how cool this class was, let me give you a little background. Quest Trust is a company who help people invest their own IRA accounts when they leave a company. So, if you have been working for a large company for a decade or so, you may have a pretty substantial IRA invested. But when you leave that company, your IRA goes with you. Most people aren’t really sure what to do with that investment fund.

So, Quest helps people invest their money wisely to continue to grow their nest egg. A big part of this process is education. The company holds seminars open to the public and their clients. These seminars show the audience the ins-and-outs of investing — even if you have no investing experience. As the company has grown, much of this education process began to take place over the internet and YouTube.

So Why Does an IRA Company in Houston Need a Private Presentation Skills Class?

For the last decade or more, all of these seminars have been taught by the CEO of the company. Recently, though, he decided to begin to turn over this part of the process to some of his executive team. In addition, they have begun to open office in other major cities outside of Houston. And they wanted to create that same type of in-person training seminar in these new cities.

So, the CEO gathered his new presenters at their corporate office in Houston, and had us come in to do a private public speaking class. We designed this private class around the specific needs of the group. First, we showed how the group to reduce nervousness and create the kind of poise in front of group. (This was important because they were all somewhat nervous about replacing a legend in the industry.) Next, we focused on how to create training programs that are easy to understand and that are easy to remember and implement.

Private classes like this can be very valuable because they get the entire group reaching for the same goal. And as individual members of the team begin to achieve these goals, it creates pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Want us to design a private public speaking class for your group? Just click the link for details. If you are in Houston and want to attend a public speaking class, click this link.

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