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The Fearless Presentations ® Seminars are public speaking classes that eliminate public speaking fear. -- FOREVER! Our instructors can help you eliminate the nervous jitters, get rid of the shaky hands, banish those butterflies, and become the poised and self-confident presenter that you've always wanted to be. In addition to teaching hundreds of public speaking classes in cities all over the world, our instructors are also the very people who respond to phone calls and emails from this website. You don't have to let public speaking fear hold you back anymore! Click here to complete the form or call us toll-free at (800) 975-6151. We can help!

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I had a great Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class in Boston, MA last week that was a great training ground for a number of prominent professionals from New England and New York. This presentation class, just like all of our public speaking classes, focused on helping the participants reduce or eliminate the nervousness and fear associated with pub ...
Jitters, sweaty palms, scratchy throat, you’re practically shaking. Someone called you to the stage. The time has come, the time you’ve prepared for -- and dreaded -- for weeks. You’re about to give a speech. You take the mic and all heads turn to you. Suddenly, you’re extremely aware of the fact that people are waiting for you to say something brilliant. How do you c ...
The October Fearless Presentations® public speaking class in Atlanta was a great blend of classroom teaching and personal presentation coaching for each presenter in the class! We spent the first day of the two-day class focusing on reducing public speaking fear and designing and delivering short, persuasive speeches, and on the second day, I ...
Recently, I was out to dinner with an industry colleague at a new and trendy restaurant. The lights were not too dim and the music was not overpowering which made this a great choice for catching up and having a conversation. The restaurant seemed to attract a good mix of clientele from the more mature business professional to the “20 something” ...


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