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The Fearless Presentations ® Seminars are two-day public speaking classes that eliminate public speaking fear. -- FOREVER! Our instructors can help you eliminate the nervous jitters, get rid of the shaky hands, banish those butterflies, and become the poised and self-confident presenter that you've always wanted to be. In addition to teaching hundreds of public speaking classes in cities all over the world, our instructors are also the very people who respond to phone calls and emails from this website. You don't have to let public speaking fear hold you back anymore! Click here to complete the form or call us toll-free at (800) 975-6151. We can help!



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Call me weird, but it’s sometimes painful for me to watch motivational speeches. These talks inspire me alright, but motivational speakers have slightly irritating habits of using consistent filler-words, phrases, (and sometimes gestures), and I’m not looking forward to my knee-jerk reaction of counting the filler words that I hear during a speech. In fact, I recently sat through a presentation, and in 60 minutes, the presenter said “Right?” 93 times! ...
The Leader's Institute® recently held a 2-day on-site Fearless Presentations class for CompHealth in Salt Lake City, Utah. The majority of the 10 participants in this workshop experienced some degree of public speaking anxiety. On the morning of the first day, Los Angeles based instructor Chris McNeany went over various tips to overcome the ...
How much can you recall of the last speech you listened to? None? A few snippets? Not even an inspiring quote? Don't you want to be able to design and deliver a memorable speech and have your audience want more? Several studies report the audience’s retention of a speech or lecture ranges from a measly 10% to 30%. So if your talk is 20 minutes long, they’ll ...
Projecting your voice to the last row can be your speech-making secret weapon. Using a strong, projected voice is one of the most fundamental ways to create a lively, exciting presentation. A robust voice also creates an image of knowledge, credibility, and authority. Still, in my work as a speech coach, I have found most people must be cajoled to speak louder. Let's look at th ...
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Class #1371 in Los Angeles with 15 participants eliminated fear and built self-confidence!

Class #1379 in Seattle, Washington with 7 participants in the Pacific Northwest.

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