A Great Public Speaking Class in New York City

New York City Public Speaking ClassWe just finished another great Fearless Presentations ® public speaking class in uptown New York City this week at the Hilton Times Square. We had a pretty nice sized class of 13 people from high finance to book publishing to high-tech engineers. Two of the participants were CEOs of their respective companies, and interestingly enough, one of the young men in class is graduating from high school next week. But they all had the same challenge before this workshop… They had a public speaking fear that they felt was holding them back from the success that they wanted.

What we have found with The Fearless Presentations ® Course is that public speaking fear is both common and easy to eliminate if you follow a simple step-by-step process. Public speaking fear (any fear for that matter) comes from situations or events where we attempt to deliver a presentation and we have what we perceive to be a failure. Much of the perception comes more from the way that we FEEL when we stand up to speak versus the way that we actually perform or the way that we look when we perform. But regardless, when we don’t do as well as what we think that we could have, the nervousness or fear of public speaking grows.

So these 13 presenters became fearless by having a series of progressive successes in front of a group. With a really good public speaking coach, you too can have success after success in front of a group and eliminate your public speaking fear.

Below is a list of Upcoming Fearless Presentations® Public Speaking Classes in New York City

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    A Few Past Public Speaking Workshops in Manhattan.

    • JK Designs Second Custom Presentation Class in Hillsborough, NJ On February 18, 2016, JK Designs, a full-service design, advertising, and marketing agency in two locations (Hillsborough, NJ and New York, NY), invited The Leader’s Institute® back to deliver a second custom presentation class in Hillsborough to train a second group of employees. Instructor, Michelle Riklan returned to JK Designs to facilitate a custom Fearless ...
    • Swarovski Presentation Skills Class in New York, NY Key Account Managers (KAMs) at Swarovski’s New York Office gathered on December 10, 2015 and December 11, 2015 for a 2-day Fearless Presentations® in their NY office conference room. The training was arranged by the Senior Manager of Organizational Development & Brand Culture from the Rhode Island headquarters. This Swarovski presentation skills class in New ...
    • Fun Group at Presentation Class in New York City We had a fun group attend the Fearless Presentations ® class in New York City last week. Two of the presenters were from the medical industry, and in recent classes, I’ve noticed that an increasing number of doctors and others who specialize in medicine are beginning to attend presentation classes. With all the new regulations ...
    • March 2013 Fearless Presentations in New York City Early in March, The Leader’s Institute® held it’s Fearless Presentations® course for the first time in New York in 2013.  On an early Thursday morning where the weather forecasters predicted tons of snow, the dedicated folks who signed up for the class braved the elements and could not be deterred. New York is known for it’s diverse ...
    • December 2012 Fearless Presentations in New York The Leader’s Institute® once again brought their Fearless Presentations® public speaking course to New York just in time for the Holidays. New Yorkers are known for their Type A personalities and drive to succeed within the competitive world of the Big Apple.  Many of the participants came primarily to help get an edge amongst their peers ...

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