2015 December Phoenix Public Speaking Class of Angels

Doug Staneart  |  12/19/15
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2015 December Phoenix, AZ Public Speaking Class of Angels We had a really fun Phoenix public speaking class recently. The class, led by our charismatic instructor, took an amusing turn as he transformed into “Charlie” from Charlie’s Angels, surrounded by five delightful “angels.”

Our Phoenix office, nestled in the heart of the city, became a hub of laughter and learning. The five participants, embracing the festive spirit, added their own flair to the theme. The lighthearted atmosphere set the stage for a memorable public speaking experience.

Throughout the two days, the “angelic” class navigated various aspects of public speaking. They kicked off each morning addressing nervousness, with the instructor infusing humor to keep spirits high. Afternoons were dedicated to storytelling and persuasive techniques, all while maintaining the playful Charlie’s Angels theme.

The participants, bringing their unique charm to the forefront, learned to captivate audiences with both style and substance. The class wasn’t just about conquering public speaking fears; it was about doing so with a sense of humor and camaraderie.

This Phoenix, Arizona Public Speaking Class Has a Lot of Fun Conquering Fear.

As the class concluded, the “Charlie’s Angels” gathered for a fun group picture. And, of course, they couldn’t help making fun of the fact that the instructor was the only guy in the class. The laughter-filled moments and newfound presentation skills made this class truly one-of-a-kind.

I guess the main point is that people learn faster when they are having fun. So if you want to reduce presentation nervousness, we’d love to have you attend a class too. We offer the class in Phoenix about every three months. But seating is limited. (And according to the picture, if you are a guy, it’s even harder to get a seat in the class, lol.)

For details about our next Phoenix public speaking class, click here.

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