December 2012 Fearless Presentations in Tampa

Past Fearless Presentations ® Classes


The Leaders Institute ® re-visited Tampa, Florida by recently conducting a Fearless Presentations® public speaking course for a group with a unique set of backgrounds.

The participants of the course came with the goal to conquer their fears and anxieties while being in front of an audience.  Some of the participants traveled from many miles to take advantage of the warm weather and escape the December chill in the North.  The group included an owner of a New England Inn, a government employee from DC as well as local participants who were involved in the sales and IT functions of their respective organizations.   All of the participants were coached on presentation techniques, effective communication methods and skills to engage a variety of audiences.  Many times it's important to know the audience to whom we are communicating with.  The message we may have for them could be ignored if we don't zone in on what is important to them.  In the course, the class members were trained to address different personalities and structuring their message so that they could effectively reach out to tough audiences.

The Leaders Institute ® offers training on public speaking and more in all of the major cities across the U.S. and Canada.  It revisits Florida frequently by offering courses in Miami and Orlando in addition to Tampa.


Mitesh Kapadia is the Regional Instructor for the Northeast region. He is based in Philadelphia, but he also teaches in New York, New Jersey and all East Coast Cities including Baltimore and Washington DC.