In past episodes, we've talked about how to better design presentations, and how if you design your presentations a little differently, you can reduce public speaking fear. However, what do you do if someone just gives you a slide deck and says, "Okay, go deliver this." This episode gives you a few tips that can help you deliver a more "canned" presentation or a presentation that someone else designs for you.

Confidently Deliver Presentations that Someone Else Designed

Executive Speaker TrainingOn this episode of the Fearless Presentations ® Podcast, Doug covers a few ways to deliver a presentation that someone else designed for you. These are tips that will help you take someone else's content and make it your own so you are more confident and clear in your delivery. These are actually the techniques that our presenters use to deliver The Leader's Institute ® programs and workshops.

  • Break the Presentation into Bite-Sized Pieces: Instead of trying to learn an entire presentation in one sitting, focus on mastering your delivery of a single part of the presentation. Then, once you feel confident delivering that part, add another part. Over time, you will be comfortable delivering the entire presentation.
  • Insert a Break for the Audience: If you have a lot of items to cover, after you deliver three to five bullet points, take a short break. This will allow you review your notes for the next section.
  • Create a Handout or Bound Manual for Your Presentation: If you have a large presentation that you will never be able to deliver in the allotted time, create a handout of your slide deck as a reference, and then focus on just the most important items in the deck when you deliver the speech. You may only be able to cover a few slides, so make sure you are covering the most important items that your audience really needs.
  • Cover Every Point in a Cursory Fashion but Spend a Little More Time on Three of the Points: If you are in a situation where you are required to cover a specific list of numerous items, cover the required items quickly. Then go back to three of most important items and really reinforce those items.

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