Public Speaking class in San Francisco Allows Participants to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

chrismcneany  |  02/17/12
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Feb 2012 Public Speaking Class in San Francisco, California Public Speaking class in San Francisco allows participants to overcome the fear of public speaking through.  The Leader’s Institute® conducted its Fearless Presentations® public speaking class to a small but mighty group of people who started off shy and ended up bold and engaging public speakers.

The participants in this class wanted to overcome the fear of public speaking and all the problems that come with it: the shaky voice, butterflies in the stomach, and shallow breathing that happens as a result of nervousness. By repeatedly getting up in front of the class under the coaching of a certified instructor with The Leaders Institute®, the participants were able to get rid of their nervous jitters and become confident speakers.

The Leaders Institute® regularly comes to San Francisco, California for its public speaking class, in addition to cities across the U.S. year round.

If you want to reduce presentation jitters like these folks, join us for the next class! We come to the Bay Area in California, Los Angeles, and San Diego three times per year. For details, just click any of the links above.

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