September 2009 Presentation Class in Boston, MA

September 2009 Presentation Class in Boston, MA We had another epic presentations skills class in Boston, Massachusetts last month. I had a blast working with eight up-and-coming presenters. (Who are now fearless!)

We started the two-day presentation class by helping the group reduce nervousness. I covered 10 simple ways to get rid of those jitters and feel more comfortable. Then, later in the first morning, I gave them my top secret to totally eliminating public speaking fear!

Want to know what it is?

Well, you’ll have to come to the next public speaking class to find out. We hold these classes in 30+ cities around the world. You can also have us come to your office and lead a custom presentation skills class just for your group. This custom version is most cost-effective for groups of six to twelve person groups.

Whether you come to our classes or go to a different presentation training course, these classes are the best way to get practice speaking. The only way to become a better speaker is to actually… well… Spek in front of a group. And a class like this is a controlled environment to do this.

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