September 2017 Presentation Class in Dallas, TX

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September 2017 Presentation Class in Dallas, TXIn September 2017 a group of eight came together in a North Dallas high rise to conquer their fear of public speaking for the latest Fearless Presentations ® presentation class in Dallas, TX. They felt a certain comfort in knowing that they were all there for the same thing, so the atmosphere was relaxed, energetic and very upbeat. We started out the day going over the ten tips to controlling public speaking anxiety and then discussing which tips would work best for them. One participant said “realizing that ninety percent of nervousness doesn’t show is very helpful to me.” Another participant mentioned that the tip on the best way to practice your presentation was most helpful. She said that when you “Practice with someone that can actually provide ideas and feedback to the presentation, you improve with each practice.”

The group realized the power of inserting stories into their presentations, and how powerful this can be for a speaker. The group noticed that when participants explained a good story to the audience, they seemed more relaxed. The presentations were also easier to deliver. We learned that doing things a little differently can achieve dramatically different results, so don’t be afraid to try new things -- new ways to add impact to your presentations.

One of the participants commented “The practice with a partner before giving our presentation was more helpful than I thought it would be”. The one thing that they all learned is that the fear of public speaking is universal, but something we can be overcome if we understand that public speaking is a skill that can be developed and mastered. A class participant agreed and wrote this in his exit survey about the class “the main thing I learned is that I can overcome my fear of public speaking, and it is a skill that can be learned and improve with practice.”

For information about the next Presentation Class in Dallas, TX, click this link. We offer these programs every three to four months. To view feedback from this and other classes that we offer, visit our Quotes from Past Participants page.