In the last podcast, we spoke about venues where you can practice your public speaking skill. In this episode, Doug Staneart shows us a few ways to use your public speaking confidence to market yourself or to market your products or services to the public. Some of these venues are ones where you can market yourself or your company, so that you can be perceived as an expert in your industry. Other venues are ones where groups will actually pay you to speak to them.

Use Public Speaking to Market Yourself and Your Company

Use Public Speaking to Promote Yourself On this episode of the Fearless Presentations ® Podcast, Doug covers a few public speaking venues that allow a speaker to promote himself/herself or the company that the speaker represents. The key thing to remember about speaking is that the person at the front of the room (the presenter) is always perceived to be the expert in the room. So if you want to be seen as an expert in your industry, these venues can help! Keep in mind that if you want to speak at any of these venues, you can either find one of these venues and request to be a speaker, or you can create meetings like these on your own. The bigger following that you (your company) has on social media or email lists, the easier it is to organize these meetings on your own.

  • Marketing Seminars by Reservation: Although tele-seminars and webinars are less risky and less costly to conduct, some industries will likely require face-to-face meetings before customers will buy from you. For instance, financial planners often use free seminars that prospective customers can attend, because people who hire financial planners have to be able to trust their financial planner. It is easier to build that trust face-to-face and with a handshake. So, in-person meetings will sometimes work much better. The advantage to a marketing seminar versus just a standard sales call or even a tele-seminar is that you get the undivided attention of the audience for a longer period of time, and you can leverage your time and attract more customers in a shorter time period.
  • Paid Public Seminars: Seminars that individuals can attend for a fee can be a fantastic way to promote yourself or your company because you will also receive income for the time that you spend organizing and conducting the event. Remember that your time is valuable, and you should be very careful about giving it away for free. In addition, when attendees pay a fee for the privilege of attending an event, they are much more committed to it as well. People are busy, so if we let people attend for free and something else comes up, they will think, “We’ll, I’m not losing anything if I don’t go, so why don’t I just wait for the next one?” If they are going to lose their fee, though, they will have to determine which is more valuable, the new thing that popped up or the fee that I am going to lose. The bigger the fee, the bigger the commitment will be.
  • Paid Consulting Meetings: Paid consulting meetings can be for one person or large groups, and can be a great way to build a following of loyal customers. The meetings can be in person, on the phone, or even online with webinars. They can be free or they can be used as a revenue stream. Most people that I know who use this venue well use it as a follow up to a purchase or an add-on purchase for something else. For instance, if your company provides software to big companies, then a good add-on to the software sale would be webinar consulting after the purchase.
  • Radio, TV, Podcasts, YouTube: Every major city in America and many suburbs and smaller cities have AM and FM talk radio stations and dozens of talk shows every single week. Although the weekday prime-time shows are typically syndicated national shows and difficult to be invited on as a guest, in the evenings and weekends, the hosts and producers are much more willing to bring guests on to inform their audiences about something important to them. Many of the weekend shows are actually segments that are purchased by amateur talk show host or hosts-of-the-future who buy the time from the radio station and then sell their own advertising to fund the show. In addition, podcast and YouTube talk show creators are always in need of guests to interview. (Even us. Email me at [email protected] if you want to be interviewed for our podcast.)
  • Joint Ventures: Joint ventures seminars can be the “mother lode” for new business relationships and new revenue streams. The way that this works is you find one or more other entrepreneurs or salespeople who are not in direct competition with you and who have a list of clients/customers. Then, promote a joint seminar to both your list of prospects and customers and their list(s) of prospects and customers. The easiest way to do this is with a teleconference where one of the joint venture partners interviews the other, but you can also promote an in-person seminar as well.

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