2017 February Learning Together at Presentation Skills Classes in Chicago

2017 February Presentation Skills Classes in Chicago, IL As a Fearless Presentation ® instructor, I always cherish our open-enrollment, two-day presentation skills classes in Chicago. I feel privileged when I meet incredible professionals in a wide variety of fields. What they all have in common is a commitment to ongoing personal development.

Not only do they carve out a chunk of time from their schedules. Many also exhibit great courage as they step into their (sometimes huge) fear of public speaking. I enter each public speaking class with high expectations. Even so, this group especially inspired me as they finished the presentation class in Chicago.

They were soulful, articulate, and very supportive of each other as they tackled new skills and challenges. The learned the art of storytelling. And found ways to make complicated technical presentation more interesting to their audiences. They practiced diligently. And by the end of the two days, each had a speech they could deliver to delighted audiences.

Nice Feedback from a Participant in this Presentation Skills Class in Chicago, IL.

Days later, one participant emailed me and said, “When you’re intimidated by something like public speaking, it’s so easy to feel alone. That just compounds the anxiety. But meeting you guys and being reminded that many of us are in the same boat helped a lot!”

To the rest of the class, she added, “Thanks for your bravery. I found you all inspiring.”

Me too. Thanks to all of you who attended this Chicago presentation class. <= For details about future public speaking classes, just click this link.

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