2018 January Custom Presentation Class for Da Vinci Surgical in Dallas, Texas

Doug Staneart  |  01/18/18
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2018 January Custom Presentation Class for Da Vinci Surgical in Dallas, Texas The Da Vinci Surgical Robotic’s team met Dallas’ West End for a custom public speaking course last week. The setting, reminiscent of Da Vinci’s commitment to precision, served as a fitting backdrop for a transformative experience.

We had 20 participants in the class who wanted to develop public speaking skills. The group taught surgeons how to use their precision surgical robots. What was funny, though, was that their robots are just a tool to help make surgeon’s jobs more efficient. But we were using the same skill development in the class to help them create better, more efficient, presentations.

The course blended proven public speaking techniques with the cutting-edge ethos of Da Vinci Surgical Robots. It wasn’t just about delivering a speech. Instead, it was about crafting messages with surgical precision.

Custom Presentation Class in Dallas for Da Vinci Made Presentations More Efficient.

As the participants delved into Fearless Presentations ®, the resonance of Da Vinci’s commitment to precision echoed through the speeches. The y combined advanced technology with effective communication. And, in the process, created an environment dedicated to refining skills while still adding the technical details.

The location was fantastic as well! The company held the class at The Fairmont Hotel in the Dallas West End. (Interestingly, that is the location of my infamous speech bombing that forced me to attend my first public speaking class.)

The group each ended the class delivering a fantastic presentation they organized in the previous days. And, of course, their presentations, like Da Vinci’s world-class systems, aimed for a performance that would leave a lasting mark.

So, I guess this version of the course wasn’t just about public speaking. It actually was about the intersection of technology and impactful communication. Against the backdrop of downtown Dallas, near the “grassy knoll,” participants shaped messages that resonated and mirrored Da Vinci’s legacy of excellence. The commitment to precision found a perfect match in the dedication of those refining their communication skills. The result? A transformative experience echoing Da Vinci’s pursuit of excellence.

Want us to organize a custom presentation class for your group? As long as you have at least six people to train, a private class is actually more cost-effective than sending your team to one of our public presentation classes in Dallas, Texas.

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