2019 June Presentation Skills Class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Doug Staneart  |  06/18/19
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2019 June Presentation Skills Class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania In June, our public speaking class brought the heat to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. The class had a fantastic mix of ten individuals. Each of them were ready to conquer their public speaking fears and become the talk of the town.

As the summer sun bathed the city’s historic streets, our participants dove into the world of fearless presentations. With Ben Franklin as our imaginary mascot (no, he didn’t fly a kite during class), we explored how to electrify our presentations and captivate any audience.

One participant even joked, “Move over, Cowboy. It’s time for an Eagle to soar.” (Of course, this was to the one participant from Dallas.) Laughter echoed through the room as we learned that humor is a key ingredient in keeping an audience engaged.

We drew inspiration from Philly’s rich history, blending it with modern presentation techniques. It was like a historical reenactment, but with PowerPoint instead of powdered wigs. The Liberty Bell may not have cracked a smile, but our participants certainly did.

As we practiced impromptu speaking, the instructor quipped, “William Penn never had to give a TED Talk, but if he did, I bet he’d wish he had taken this class.” (Okay, that one didn’t go over as well as the Cowboy one.) But regardless, we raised our imaginary glasses to that, toasting to the idea that even the founding fathers could benefit from fearless presenting.

Presentation Class in Philadelphia, PA Creates Historic Results for Participants.

In the City of Brotherly Love, our participants discovered that presenting with confidence is as iconic as the Rocky Steps. The class had its own “yo, Adrian” moment when one participant, after nailing a presentation, exclaimed, “Yo, audience, I did it!” The room erupted in applause – no steps required.

As summer vibes filled the air, so did a newfound sense of public speaking prowess. Armed with the wit of Franklin and the Rocky’s spirit, our participants left the class ready to conquer any stage.

If you want to experience the sweet taste of success in public speaking, join us for our next class in Philadelphia. It’s not just about cheesesteaks; it’s about becoming a fearless presenter. Keep an eye out for our next session, and let’s make your presentations as iconic as the Liberty Bell!

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