2019 March Public Speaking Class in Houston Texas

Doug Staneart  |  03/14/19
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2019 March Public Speaking Class in Houston Texas We have a “bakers dozen” new fearless presenters in Houston, Texas! I had fun working with a big group of people in a recent public speaking class in Houston, Texas. The group was so big, that we had to rent out a room at the airport DoubleTree to fit everyone in!

Just as and FYI, we typically cut off registration at 12 people. That way, every participant in the presentation class gets more one-on-one coaching from the instructor. But in this situation, we squeezed in one extra person who had a huge presentation coming up. (He just made the class even more fun!)

This is a good example to learn from, though. Don’t wait until the last minute to save your seat in the next presentation class. We were only able to accommodate the extra person because we were able to get the extra space at the hotel.

A Bakers Dozen Sized Group Reduces Presentation Fear in Houston, TX.

It was good to see quite a few people from long-time customers like Hewlett-Packard and Service Now in this class. We also had a few people from the energy industry. (It is Houston, right?)

I was also really inspired by the presentation from a couple of people from Empower-Ed. This non-profit helps create curriculum for entrepreneurship in public schools.

Public speaking classes like this have a lot of great things about them. First, the class is a controlled environment where people get a chance to practice. In addition, though, the group creates positive peer pressure to help each individual grow. And finally, each person becomes a part of the audience for the other presenters. So, we all get to learn new content as each speaker masters his or her skill in speaking.

If you want to absolutely eliminate your fear of public speaking, we invite you to attend our next presentation class in Houston. Or, take a look at our public speaking seminar schedule for classes in other cities!

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Doug Staneart is the CEO of The Leader's Institute. LLC and founder of the Fearless Presentations class. He is author of Fearless Presentations, Mastering Presentations, and 28 Ways to Influence People.

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