2023 March Public Speaking Class in Indianapolis, IN

Doug Staneart  |  03/18/23
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2023 March Public Speaking Class in Indianapolis, IN Four Hoosier in Indianapolis are the newest graduates of our Fearless Presentations® class. They had no need for horseshoes and clovers (or the luck of the Fighting Irish.) Instead, their confident presentations became their winning ticket.

With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, our four participants weren’t chasing elusive pots of gold. Instead, they were discovering a different kind of treasure. They came to learn to present fearlessly. While the city anticipated parades, our fearless speakers found their luck in mastering impactful communication.

In Indy, where the roar of the engines at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway usually dominates, these four weren’t just hoping for luck. They were investing in a skill set that promised ongoing success. Fearless Presentations® became the lucky charm they needed.

Lucky Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Public Speaking Class in Indianapolis, Indiana Have a Blast Learning Together.

As St. Patrick’s Day revelers adorned themselves in green, our participants adorned themselves with newfound confidence. It wasn’t about finding a lucky charm but unlocking the power of their voice.

While others attributed their luck to chance, these four individuals knew better. Their invaluable skill in fearless presentations, acquired in the vibrant atmosphere of Indianapolis, would continue to bring them luck in every professional encounter.

Racing and basketball usually steal the spotlight here. But Fearless Presentations® emerged as the champion for these four participants. As the lights of Indianapolis flickered in the background, they left not luck behind. The replaced it with a lifelong skill. In fact, we find that this single skill leads to more success than any other.

Want to be our next fearless presenter? We have public speaking classes in Indianapolis about every four months. For details about this presentation skills class, just click here. The 2-day presentation class can help you develop a solid skill (so you don’t have to rely on luck!)

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Doug Staneart is the CEO of The Leader's Institute. LLC and founder of the Fearless Presentations class. He is author of Fearless Presentations, Mastering Presentations, and 28 Ways to Influence People.

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