Boar's Head quality deli meats, cheeses and soups was the location for a great Fearless Presentations  class for 9 f its new distributors. The class was two days of fun and experiential learning as the group discussed presentation fear, techniques, and enhancement. Over the course of the two days the participants gave several presentations ranging from introductions, to telling a story, to making the story persuasive, and how to use structure to develop a great three point presentations quickly and efficiently.

Each of the participants are in training to become distributors of the finest meats, cheeses and soups available. As part of their responsibilities they will be working with store owners, managers, salespeople, the public and there own partners in their distributorship, along with the corporate contacts at Boar's Head. It  is a very active position with many responsibilities and these quality people are also very quality minded. Their active participation made the classa fun and exciting class to teach. Learning and enhancing their presentation and communication skills is an intricate part of their need and training.

The final presentation is about 6 minutes long and includes a three point structure, stories, analogies, audience participation questions, and other impact ideas to make the presentations remarkable. Each of the people involved in the class then met at the close of the class for a one-on-one session with the instructor. Each of the attendees did a great job in making their presentations concise and memorable. To make quality presentations, or even to make an impressive conversation, a person must understand any fear and how to address it, and then have a structure to help them feel comfortable. The folks at Boar's Head have made a great stride in training their new distributor candidates by including the two day Fearless Presentation as a part of the 8 week training.