Public Speaking Workshops in New Jersey JK Designs is a full-service agency that does it all under one roof (or in their case, two). They have artists, designers, web developers and programmers, animation specialists, copywriters, branding specialists, video directors and producers, and a whole slew of other talented people who all work together to create solutions that make a difference. The COO/CSO contacted The Leader’s Institute® to provide two fun public speaking workshops that would help employees to polish their presentations skills and eliminate fears they may have had about presenting to a group.

Two public speaking workshops were scheduled, a week apart for two groups of employees.

Instructor, Michelle Riklan arrived on the scene on February 11, 2016 in Hillsborough, New Jersey. The office setting fit the personality of this incredible agency. Home base is a converted farmhouse with a beautiful backdrop of a pond/lake and Geese flapping about. Next to the farmhouse is a small carriage house, which, made for an intimate training/workshop venue. The group then spent the day together, starting with a quick sugar rush prescribed for initial anxiety, a lot of learning, confidence building, and practice, practice, practice!

At the end of the day, the group knew each other better, even though they work so closely together, had a great time, and reported that the workshop was extremely helpful. The COO/CSO e-mailed the instructor to say that the feedback to her was overwhelmingly positive and that group #2 is looking forward to their turn. Stay tuned as Leader’s Institute® gears up for “Round 2” at JK Designs.