JK Designs Second Custom Presentation Class in Hillsborough, NJ

Doug Staneart  |  02/19/16
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JK Designs Second Custom Presentation Class in Hillsborough, NJ On February 18, 2016, JK Designs, a full-service design, advertising, and marketing agency in two locations (Hillsborough, NJ and New York, NY), invited The Leader’s Institute® back to deliver a second custom presentation class in Hillsborough to train a second group of employees. Instructor, Michelle Riklan returned to JK Designs to facilitate a custom Fearless Presentations® course, a one-day highly interactive training/workshop. Michelle had asked the first group of employees to keep the content for the day secret from the second group. They were true to their word, and only related to their colleagues that the day was “Awesome, helpful, valuable, and a lot of fun!”

We were able to see remarkable improvement from presentations in the beginning of the day to the final presentations. We achieved this by learning necessary tools, building up everyone’s confidence, and providing an opportunity for all participants to practice, practice, practice. One participant had a specific public speaking habit that she was looking to reduce/eliminate. She was able to clearly improve in this particular area by 88%, as evidenced by her final video.

Great Thank You Letter from the COO for a Great Presentation Class.

Founder / CCO of JK Designs, Jerry Kaulius even stopped by to meet the Instructor and express how he had heard fabulous feedback. At the end of the day, COO / CSO, Martha Marchesi met with Michelle Riklan and expressed desire to send the entire company through Fearless Presentations®. She confirmed this desire with The Leader’s Institute® HQ after the sessions, stating how successful the sessions were and how “Michelle was great!” She then sent the following recommendation letter:

JK Design Thank You Letter to Presentation Class Instructor

“As an agency, we have many different disciplines that are client facing, from Account Management to Project Management to Creative, and the Leaders Institute presentation course was extremely helpful to the 20 employees who participated. Overall, they found the Institute’s positive approach both empowering and confidence-building and many said they left with the tools to be better, more effective speakers. I would recommend the Leaders Institute to any organization that wants to make a worthwhile investment in their talent.”
Martha Marchesi

We look at The Leader’s Institute® look forward to a long, on-going relationship with JK Designs

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Doug Staneart is the CEO of The Leader's Institute. LLC and founder of the Fearless Presentations class. He is author of Fearless Presentations, Mastering Presentations, and 28 Ways to Influence People.

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