2023 January Public Speaking Class in Atlanta, GA

2023 January Public Speaking Class in Atlanta, GA For the first time since a two-year pandemic break, we had a fantastic public speaking class in Atlanta, Georgia. I have to admit. It was nice to have a new group of people working to conquer the fear of public speaking.

We had five people attend the class. Granted, that is quite a few less than we averaged in Atlanta classes prior to Covid. However, because of the smaller group, each person got even more practice and coaching from me.

If you have ever thought about taking a public speaking class, this is an optimal time. It has been a while since many people have had to captivate an in-person audience. So, many people are out of practice. You can really set yourself apart from the crowd and stand out in a positive way. It just takes a little practice.

And a public speaking class is a great place to practice. It is a controlled environment. So you can practice without the risk of flubbing your word in front of the boss or losing a big contract. Without that added pressure, you can grow in confidence very quickly.

We hold the public speaking classes in Atlanta, GA over three months. Just click the link to find the next upcoming class.

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