2023 July Public Speaking Class in Dallas, TX

Chad Davis  |  07/22/23
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Another successful public speaking class in Dallas, TX! This time, our group of would-be presenters all came from the same company. Their role grapples with some fairly technical concepts which, as you can imagine, doesn’t always translate well to clients and executives. These students attended to learn the techniques that would help them create clear and engaging presentations for their audience.

In total, 8 students came from Digital Matrix Systems (DMS). DMS is a comprehensive risk management solution provider. Part of their services include processing data from credit bureaus to show lenders a more accurate picture of their credit-worthiness. In addition, DMS designs technical presentations to be delivered to non-technical and executive audiences. That’s where the need for the Fearless Presentations class came in.

Technical Data Doesn’t Have to be Boring When You Present it Like a Pro!

We gave the DMS presenters the training they needed to level up their presentation skills. Since their presentations deal with heaps of technical data, we made sure that one of our focuses was on “audience.” The big mistake people make is forgetting about who they’re presenting to. This leads them to throw together a slideshow with little consideration for anything else. Instead, we showed them how to create a solid presentation outline that will resonate with their specific audience.

The great thing about this process, too, is that it helps the presenter become more prepared. In turn, that proves invaluable in helping with:

  • Reducing jitters
  • Requiring less memorization
  • Crafting engaging points that better resonate with their audience

If you have a team of employees you need to transform into fearless presenters, check out our next available public speaking class in the area.

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