How to Engage Your Audience From the Very Start in Presentations

chrismcneany  |  05/30/12
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Quick Presentation Skills Tip

We all want to deliver presentations that will engage our audience from the moment a presentation begins, but there’s something you can do to capture your audience’s attention before the presentation even starts.

Have a great title.

Create a Great Presentation Title The key to a great title is to include the result of the presentation in the title. For example, a title such as “2011 Financials” is not so great because for one thing, it’s not very interesting, and secondly, we don’t know what the result was. A title such as, “2011 Was a Year of Growth in X Industry and a Year of Challenge in Y Industry” is better for two reasons: it’s more interesting and gives the audience a clear idea of what the outcome was in 2011. In most cases, it’s better to give the result at the beginning so that the audience knows exactly where the presentation is going. It will make the presentation more memorable in the long run.

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