Use this Online Speech Creator to Help You Quickly Create a Good Speech Outline!

Online Speech Creator-Take the Stress Out of Designing Your Presentation Below is a free online speech creator that you can use to create an outline of your entire presentation — in minutes. Just answer the simple questions below, and we’ll send the outline to you via email.

Before You Start…

This presentation creator is designed to help you organize your thoughts. It won’t actually do all the work for you. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. If you answer every question, you will receive a simple, easy to deliver presentation guide. Before you start, we suggest that you glance at the following two blog posts:

The summary of this post is to not try to write a speech word-for-word. Instead, come up with an outline of your presentation containing just a few key points. It is better to cover just a few points really well than to cover a bunch of confusing content. (Your speech is easier to deliver as well.) The Speech Creator will ask you to determine just three major points to cover in the presentation. This works for most speeches.

Most people who use this presentation creation tool for the first time really fight this advice. The examples and stories that you insert are what make your speech interesting and easy to deliver to your audience. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! If you skip this step, you will end up with a lousy presentation outline.

This post identifies seven additional pieces of content that you can add to each bullet point to make them come alive. These will make good speeches great speeches.

Fill in Your Answers Below

The System Will Send You a Speech Outline Via Email

Who is the specific audience for your speech?  The more specific that you make the audience, the easier it is to design a compelling speech.


Make your presentation title something that the audience is interested in. What is the overall conclusion you want your audience to draw from your speech? Answer the question, "Why the heck should I listen to you?" in the title.
Ex. Monthly Expense Report (< This title stinks.) 
Our Decrease in Overhead Expenses Last Month Led to an Increase in Your Bonus
Once you have a great title, pretend as though you are one of the audience members, and try to think of the number one, most important thing that the audience really wants to know about the topic you came up with. If the audience only walked away with one single item of understanding about the topic, what would be that one thing that would make their time spent worthwhile. Whatever that number one thing is, type it below.


What example, illustration, or incident (story) can you think of that best explains the point above? Think of a time you witnessed the above point in real life or give an example of how it could happen. If it is a conclusion, tell about how you came to the conclusion. (Just a few words to remind you. Don't write out the whole story.)



To add some impact or clarity, come up with an analogy, quote, visual aid, or other type of proof that point #1 is true. (Just a few words to remind you. Don't write out the whole item.) 


Now, let's assume the audience really understands your first point.  What would be the second thing that the audience needs to know about your topic? (Assume they know nothing about the topic.)



Come up with an example or story (explanation) of point two now, and then add impact with an analogy, quote, visual aid, etc.



Go through the same process with point three (and point four or five if needed). Determine what the next most important thing is to the audience, come up with a story or example, and add one impact item.



Just hit "Submit" and we'll email an outline to you...