March 2013 Fearless Presentations in New York City

Doug Staneart  |  03/15/13
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March 2013 Fearless Presentations in New York City Early in March, The Leader’s Institute® held it’s first presentation class in New York in 2013. Early Thursday morning, the weather forecasters predicted tons of snow. However, the dedicated folks who signed up for the class braved the elements.

The class members were as diverse as the city of New York itself. The class included a CEO of a Supply Chain Consulting Firm, an expert Lawyer within the oil & energy market, as well as a manager within the corporate offices of Jaguar Land Rover in North America. In addition, the participants were rounded out by leaders in distribution mgmt., human resources and marketing of alcohol spirits.

One of the benefits of having a diverse group for a class like this is that it pushes the participants to mold and shape their presentations so that anyone can understand their message. A main focal point in the course is to drive ourselves to create concise and powerful presentations. No need to overwhelm the audience with unnecessary details.

We come to learn that our audiences typically have a tolerance level for the amount of points they can digest. Therefore, by covering just a few points in a presentation, you can dramatically increase audience retention. After all, we should design presentations that allow our audiences to ‘get’ our message. We don’t want them to feel bogged down with tons of info.

The Leader’s Institute® offers training on public speaking and more in all of the major cities across the U.S. and Canada. It revisits New York frequently and also provides classes in Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford and Providence.

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Doug Staneart is the CEO of The Leader's Institute. LLC and founder of the Fearless Presentations class. He is author of Fearless Presentations, Mastering Presentations, and 28 Ways to Influence People.

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