Would you make getting your professional skills ‘in shape’ a Goal for the New Year? Well, the participants in ChiChicago FP 12-12cago Illinois took on this challenge on December 13-14, 2012! They gained confidence in speaking to a group and learned how to keep an audience’s attention at our Fearless Presentation Workshop in Chicago. They did a fantastic job and are well on their way to mastering this important skill. They learned that the most important objective you have when you begin your presentation is to capture the attention with their audience and start to build a connection and with them.  They understand the important lesson that we should now all know, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”   They have to sense that you are there for their benefit, not yours.  If they believe that you are there for only your own benefit, they will feel like you are trying to manipulate them.  This will cause them to not pay a lot of attention to you or more importantly, not come around to your way of thinking.  So remember that your audience wants you to care about them and their success. For more assistance in becoming a fearless and persuasive speaker, go to www.fearlesspresentations.com and sign up for one of our Presentations Workshop.