2013 December Public Speaking Workshop in Seattle, Washington

Doug Staneart  |  12/19/13
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2013 December Public Speaking Workshop in Seattle, Washington We just finished another public speaking class in Seattle near the iconic Space Needle. Seven people participated in the class just a couple weeks before Christmas. As the city embraced the cool December breeze, participants warmed up to the idea that public speaking could be conquered with the right skills.

Each participant brought a unique flair, much like the diverse culture that defines Seattle. The city’s spirit resonated in the room as individuals unveiled their personal styles and shared compelling stories. In this class, the focus was not just on delivering presentations but on creating a genuine connection with the audience.

We warmed up the December class (pun intended) with a few tips to reduce public speaking fear. Then, we helped them practice delivering great stories and examples. The key to creating a great experience for new presenters is to let them master different parts of the presentation. Then, make the presentations slightly more difficult over time.

December Public Speaking Class in Seattle, WA Give Group the Gift of Confidence.

Seattle’s tech-savvy ambiance blended seamlessly with the timeless principles of effective communication. Along the way, the class discovered that public speaking is a skill. And it can be mastered with practice, guidance, and a touch of Seattle’s innovative spirit.

Amidst the holiday season, where festivities filled the air, these seven individuals found a different reason to celebrate. They each received the gift of poise and confidence. (It is the gift that keeps giving.) As they wrapped up the class, the participants left with the knowledge that effective communication is not a seasonal skill; it’s a year-round asset.

If you’re in the Seattle area and ready to embark on your public speaking journey, join our next presentation class and discover the power of fearless presentations. Learn more about our upcoming programs and take the first step toward confident and impactful communication.

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