Participants in the Columbus, Ohio Fearless Presentations ® class learned the value and effectiveness of being clear and concise when speaking in front of a group.  Many people feel like they need to share everything they know about the topic they are speaking on, when all they need to do is say just enough to persuade their audience to take they action that they are recommending.  Sometimes, we can talk so much about a topic that the audience is turned off or may become bored by hearing to much about the subject.  In surfing, there is a phrase of “kicking out of the wave”. In refers to when a surfer has ridden the wave as far as they can before making a real effort to ride the wave all the way to the beach. Once the wave closes out, a surfer can continue to ride the froth of the wave, but it takes a lot of effort.  If they want to catch another wave, the best thing they can do is kick out of the wave once they have reached the end of the wave and paddle out and catch another.   The same is true with giving an effective presentation.  The speaker needs to say just enough to persuade their audience, but not so much to lose the attention of their audience.  The Fearless Presentations class is extremely effective in helping their participants to organize their presentations to be highly persuasive while not saying too much.  Go to  and sign up for a class today.

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