September 2009 Presentation Skills Class in Atlanta, Georgia

September 2009 Presentation Skills Class in Atlanta, Georgia We have six new fearless presenters in Atlanta, Georgia. They completed the two-day Fearless Presentations ® class in September of 2009. This is the seventh year that we have been offering world-class presentation classes in Atlanta and throughout the Southwest.

We had class members from CNN, Home Depot, and even the CDC attend this class. Many of these participants realized that the best way to feel more comfortable in front of a group is to get good at storytelling.

In fact, early in the first day, they saw that inserting a short experience in your introduction can be a gamechanger. We had them start with a “normal” introduction about themselves. Then, we had them re-introduce themselves by just telling of a recent success they had at work. The difference was dramatic.

One class member said, “I feel like I know each of you better after that 10 minute exercise than I do my coworkers back at the office.”

The key to presenting effectively is to do things slightly different than everyone else. (They are probably boring when they present.) You don’t have to be dramatically different. Just a little better than most other presenters. And your audience will love you when you present!

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