Ready, Aim, Fire!  Have you ever missed the mark when giving a presentation?  Well, the Novartis folks in Pittsburgh, PA learned how to target their talks to their audience.  It was a great group.  In this Public Speaking Workshop, they learned the importance of making sure that we cover the topics that the audience cares about the most without fear. When a presenter begins to prepare for their next presentation that might be controversial, the most important thing to consider is “what is the main issue that my audience would care about the most.”  This is the Elephant in the Room and should be discussed.  If you don’t, you run the risk of have your audience brings up the topic themselves and make you look like you’re trying to hide something or not prepared.  Bring it up first and your audience will appreciate that you are not afraid to deal with the difficult issue.  Bring it up first and you are in control keeping it positive. For more training in becoming a Fearless Presenter, go to and sign up for our Public Speaking  Workshops.