Novartis On-Site Fearless Presentations Workshop in Bentonville Arkansas in December 2012

Faster than a speeding bullet.  Does that describe your last presentation?  Do you (like many people) talk a hundred miles an hour and fly through your data or slides at break-neck speeds?  The folks at Novartis in Bentonville Arkansas learned how to control their anxiety and slow down just enough to keep pace with their listener’s ability to keep up.  Most people think that they talk way to fast, but the reality is that people can listen at a much faster pace than most of can speak.  They can understand almost 4 times faster.  This is one of the reasons people can lose focus when you are speaking.  It’s not a bad thing to speak a little faster than normal, but, you have to make sure that your audience can keep up with your direction and thought process.  It can show excitement and enthusiasm in your topic.  But, it has to be a well-designed presentation.  This is where the Fearless Presentations Workshop can help.

So, if you need help to either slow down because anxiety or help in designing better presentations in Bentonville Arkansas, or anywhere else,  sign up for a Fearless Presentations Public Speaking workshop.  We know how to help!  Let us equip you to handle your next presentation with a graceful, professional word flow.