Start with a Great Title and the Presentation Practically Writes Itself


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Fearless Presentations PodcastIn this podcast, we cover the importance of starting your presentation design with a great title. Doug Staneart of Fearless Presentations ® explains that if you start with a narrow and “audience focused” title, the entire presentation will practically write itself. The title also helps the presenter focus the content to just the most important things that the audience needs to know. This week, we have two new TechFinds which allow you to reduce the presentation peripherals and make delivering your slideshows more convenient. The Fearless Presentations ® Podcast is being offered as a way to access content from the 2-day Fearless Presentations ® classes via MP3 or podcasting services. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you receive new episodes as they are released.

Tech Find: PPT Remote and iRemote

PPT RemoteSo you show up for your presentation, set up your laptop and projector, then reach into your bag for your presentation remote. You plug it in, and whamo, the battery is dead. The battery is dead even though you just replaced it last month when you showed up to deliver a presentation and the battery was dead. Plus, this “clicker” cost you $80. Well, these handy TechFinds will fix all of this. These apps turn your phone into a presentation remote. We gave two TechFinds this week, because I use the first app, PPT Remote, and it has the fewest “bugs” or challenges. However, PPT Remote won’t work with Prezi, so I have recently switched to iRemote which works for both PowerPoint and Prezi. (In fact, the app has recently been renamed “Prezi Remote”.) Click either of the images to find the apps in iTunes.

Hot Topic: Start with a Great Title

Doug Staneart gives some really good ways to move from a generic (boring) presentation to a more specific and “audience focused” presentation. This change starts with a great presentation title. Doug uses the example of a generic title of a quarterly financial report entitled, Quarterly Financial Report. That title tells the audience nothing about what happened in the quarter and gives them no reason to want to listen to the presentation. So, step one in create a great title is to have your title answer WHY the audience should listen. What is the benefit to the audience of paying attention to the presentation? “Profit was Up by 6% in the Last Quarter so We Qualified for the Quarterly Bonus” is a much better title. Doug gave some additional examples from a recent 2-Day Fearless Presentations ® Class.

  • Behavioral Based Interviews

Although this is a good start, the title doesn’t help the audience understand how they will benefit from this topic or even what a behavior based interview is used for. So, why should we listen? The speaker altered her title a little to fix this challenge.

  • Behavioral Based Interviews can Help You Hire the Most Qualified Candidates & Avoid Hiring Fiascos

This new title is more focused on the audience. Audience members can clearly see the value in paying attention to the presentation. Doug gives a couple of additional examples on the podcast.

In additional to getting the audience more interested in the topic, a great title also makes the presentation design easier. If the title is “Quarterly Financial Report”, what are you going to cover in the presentation? There were likely hundreds or thousands of financial transactions last quarter, and it will be very difficult to narrow down the content. However, if the topic is that profit increased 6% last quarter, now it is much easier to identify a few key bullet points to show how that happened. The same is true with the second example. “Behavioral Based Interviews” is a broad topic, but if you focus the presentation on how the process hire better and avoid mistakes, it is now easier to determine what bullets to add into the presentation.

Next week, we have an interview with Mike Vayda about how to design better PowerPoint slides, and in future sessions, we will continue this series on how to design better presentations.

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